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Our Nirvana

Mayas Nirvana is located in a beautiful place in the heart of the volcanic landscape in the Northern district of Haría in Lanzarote, the most Oriental of the Canary Islands. By far the most beautiful and captivating part of the Island, our exclusive Eco Retreat sits in picturesque surroundings 450 meters above the sea between the Volcano de la Corona and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a silent place away from the mass of tourists in the South of the Island - a place where you can hear your heart beat when there is no wind.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is just a 10 minute drive away or a stunning 40 minute route on foot. Surfing, sailing, swimming, climbing or walking, it is just fantastic to BE surrounded by the natural environment here.

eco retreat lanzarote
The Canary Islands.
eco retreat lanzarote
Our sweet little dog Sunny loves to be cuddled and taken for walks.

Here you can be in tune with the elements far away from civilisation, enjoy your own company and be open to life changing experiences. It is a place for people who like to be self sufficient. To this end we tend to avoid over stimulating activities here. We live without TV and avoid the use of computers or mobile phones for up to a week or two. We have internet but suggest you don’t use it too often for your own comfort.

As an Eco Retreat, we are harnessing the sun and wind to produce our own energy. We are self supporting through our own contributions and our guests. Everything we earn from our activities helps to keep the place alive and improve and develop the installations.

Our house is Alcohol and drug free. We have experienced that it makes a big difference as you go deeper into the transformational process and come closer to yourself. Just one week without alcohol or other substances will make you become more aware of yourself.

In order to help make Mayas Nirvana grow we also offer volunteer work. For more information about volunteering with us check us out on

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"A place for transformation and healing"

Mayas work and vision have been the same for many years. The aim is to develop, create, nurture and promote....

  •  a place where people from all cultures can meet and realise their desire for personal change.
  •  an environment where everyone who comes here feels at home and would like to come back.
  •  a place that returns you in no time to your inherent potential.
  •  mindful loving interaction between people, animals (especially Sunny our dog) the plants and the house. This is very important to us.
  •  a place to make and strengthen old and new relationships.
  •  just being there in the moment.
  •  a place open to change and new surprises.
  •  a place that avoids too much use of TV, big music equipment and the Internet in order to give the individual the opportunity to connect more intensively with nature and to themselves. (We do however recognise that modern technology is important so everyone has the opportunity to connect with the outside world for short periods of time by phone or email.)
  •  a project where everything earned is reinvested in the preservation of the place.

Our main priority is that our house is alcohol and drug free. Rarely do you find a place to experience something like this. We have experienced that it makes a big difference to your transformation process - to go deeper into yourself. You may come closer to yourself and experience what happens being without alcohol or other substances. It can be a life changing experience. It makes you more aware of yourself and your body and you come alive even more.

It is worth a try.....

You are always welcome to participate in this special place and to help maintain the peace, quiet and non-disruptive atmosphere. As a thank you to this wonderful place we would be very happy for you to come and help once a day in the kitchen or in the garden.

"After searching around the world I finally came to this place in the North of Lanzarote and fell in love. This beautiful place passed into our hands in April 2012 by a dear friend of ours. The Mayas Nirvana project has been funded without foreign money - everything has been hand made and paid for by ourselves privately. I give many thanks to my partner Wolfram, who has always encouraged and supported me and to my colleagues and friends such as Hans Ruedi and Daniel, who helped to manifest this center with their work. For more than 14 years I have been realising my dream using my own hands through energy work, coaching, training and massage." - Maya Widmaier


Since 2003 I have been offering far Eastern Healing Arts in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

After a severe illness which I managed to control with the help of Ayurveda and my own self-healing powers, I decided to travel to India to learn the high art of the Kerala Ayurveda and Meditation tradition and so to pass on to others what I am myself practice on my own body.

Today I give individual sessions and seminars and train people in Living Ayurveda Massage, Couple Massage, Meditation, Coaching, and Energy Healing.

From my wealth of varied experience I teach Zen - Art - Of - Touch massage therapies with great sensitivity, empathy, sparkling liveliness, fun and the highest level of professionalism.

I always train my employees myself so that a lasting quality is maintained.

I am a qualified graphic designer and actress.

  •  Various training in Hawaiian body work, Aquabalance, original Kerala Ayurveda, Reiki, Professional Chiromassage, Tantric Training, Yin-Yang Massage, Therapist training for personal life coaching (holistic counselling), Aum-and Social Mediation Training, Training in Energy Healing (Diksha), Krya Yoga and my personal process work through participation in many diverse seminars.
  •  Since 1986 work in and with self-help groups, public relations for families with addictions and social institutions worldwide.
  •  Since 1992 many stays in Asia to further my education in this field and the creative implementation of new projects.
  •  Several years as a freelance artist at home and abroad. Exhibitions in different places within Europe.
  •  Since 1995 development of creative workshops for theatre, dance and painting in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain.
  •  2003 Opening of "La Ventana" in Fuerteventura, Spain
  •  Since 2004 independent work as a therapist at the Robinson Club, Jandia Playa, Fuerteventura, Spain
  •  2012 Opening of MAYAS Nirvana in Lanzarote: a place of silence, encounter, creativity or just being there in the moment.
  •  New: focus-energie-coaching.


Also called "Lüdel" or "Locke", I have Trained as a TV technician, certified electronics engineer, programmer, training in Tarot cards and Reiki master.

For 21 years during my time in Hamburg I directed one of the oldest jazz clubs and organised many concerts also playing myself.

In 1989 I performed with my band on Fuerteventura. I fell in love with the island and so I moved there a year later.

In 1995 I met my partner Maya on the island. We have been a couple ever since, working in part on projects or each one on their own.

Seven years ago we built together this little paradise on Lanzarote, where we can realise all that is close to our hearts.

I myself am an enthusiastic jazz musician having set up my own band with friends. I love it since we live on Lanzarote and have a lot of free time to play music.

I am happy with my self-developed music therapy which can be experienced within the Burn-In retreats, the Earthfire retreats, and supporting the meditation weeks.

For 45 years, I have also practiced Tarot and give individual sessions on request. Reiki sessions can also be booked.

I would also be very happy to show you the island, the volcanoes and its amazing nature.