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I have been offering far eastern medicine treatments on Fuerteventura and in Lanzarote since 2003.
My team combines the knowledge of millennium-old Indian, Japanese and Polynesian healing arts.
We coordinate the organisation and implementation of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and alternative stress management weeks, events for hotels, companies or private organisations or individuals worldwide with headquarters in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.
I can be found in Lanzarote at Mayas Nirvana (address at the bottom of this page) or at the Robinson Club, Jandia Playa, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura where I give treatments throughout the year. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Maya Widmaier

ayurvedic therapy lanzarote

Original Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurvedic massage therapies are a sensitive, gentle way to help you recognise yourself, perceive your longings and to integrate them into your life.

The intensive detoxification, the complete sense of trust and the deep contact with body, mind and soul make my treatments something very special.

This is a holistic body therapy. The strength of the massage is individually tailored to the respective body type, but is quite strong to set the purification in motion.

All treatments are deeply relaxing and energising and are applied with my special homemade herbal oils (read more about my oils), warm damp wipes, Marma Energy Point Treatment and Reiki.

I offer a wide range of Original Kerala Ayurvedic Massages.

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Hawaiian Energy Massage

hawaiian massage lanzarote

Living the "Spirit" of Maya

Sensitive hands make my energy massages a deep encounter with yourself. Leave behind your limitations and revive your inner power. Experience a change that makes you radiate from the inside out. This is a unique form of body therapy that unites a variety of approaches to bodywork with its original roots and the vibrancy and power of its surrounding nature.

The Hawaiian Energy Massage relaxes the energetic and physical body of the receiving person, awakens the inner essence of a person at the deepest level, and brings them back in touch with their inherent natural force.

The treatment is accompanied by Hawaiian music and songs, to which the masseuse moves in time with the massage table. The massage can vary in strength, even within one treatment. So it can be very gentle and soothing, but also demanding to release deep inner tension.


reiki treatment lanzarote

Relaxation Reiki or Energy Healing

Activating the organs and balancing the energy pathways in the body - Individual anti-stress treatment.

Reiki is a form of medicine called energy healing. It uses a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which "universal energy" is transferred to you in order to encourage emotional and physical healing.

Reiki can serve as an aid to restore us to our original order. In this sense, Reiki supports and promotes natural self-healing.

It helps to overcome diseases, relieves blockages and harmonises the flow of energy. It cleanses the body of toxins, vitalises the spirit and promotes the perfect Relaxation.

Massage for Couples

Massage lanzarote

Full body massages with great sensitivity.

Massages in couples are a beautiful way to sensuality and more meaningfulness in life. Pure joy for life, an affirmation of one's own vitality and thus life itself. To indulge completely means to carry everything that makes me on my path.

If you can accept everything in you and live fulfilled, you live fully: your fear, your joy, your ecstasy are just different moments and feelings of your being.

My life motto: say YES to yourself.

Aktive Meditation

guided meditation lanzarote

Active meditations open a way to get in touch with your own body through movements. In four phases of meditation, you become more connected to your body, awareness, and a sense of inner calm and balance.

A connection with the big picture can be established. Silence.

Our real nature is meditation.

  • Meditation is relaxation.
  • Meditation means being with yourself.
  • Meditation is a state beyond thinking.
  • Personal Life Coaching with Energy Healing

    life coaching lanzarote

    Learn in my Life Coaching how to transform physical stress, stressful emotions and mental worries back into lightness, serenity and joie de vivre! Together we activate your self-healing powers and harmonise the body and energy system. Mental blockages and moods may dissolve and new stability may arise. Professional short-term coaching for new perspectives even in acute crises in professions or partnership. Activation of self-healing powers and energy flow in the body.

    Also I offer an all NEW: Focus-Energie-Coaching

    Contact me for more information

    Tarot with Wolfram

    tarot card reading

    Tarot is one of the oldest card games in the world. If you think you are stuck or a relationship just did not go the way you had imagined.

    The cards can give you a little more clarity about your current situation.

    They help you to change things that are no longer right for you. They help you to recognize things, have the courage to go forward and make the right decisions for you.

    It's basically just a reflection of your subconscious mind. It has nothing to do with divination.

    Handmade Oils

    I develop all oils especially for our western skin. The production takes place without preservatives. Lovingly the medicinal plants are picked by me on the islands, sorted and mixed with microorganisms. The elaborate process takes 3 months until the plants develop their effect in the oil.

    Ayurveda teaches you to use products from the current location because they have the highest quality. Very effective in various skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis or simply as intensive skin care to give the skin its necessary active ingredients.


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